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Scentsy expanding to Mexico, Australia, Spain, Poland and France.

Scentsy Family is expanding it's Scentsy Fragrance and Grace Adele brands into Mexico, Australia, and Poland starting September 1st and into Spain and France starting October 1st 2013. For more information go to Join Scentsy, or Contact Me.

March Madness Sale means Mad Savings on Campus Collection Scentsy Warmers.

Through the end of March, Scentsy is offering a 40% off "March Madness" sale on all Campus Collection Scentsy warmers. You can view the Campus Collection Warmers by Clicking Here. Quantities available at the sale price will be limited to ensure inventory availability through the coming catalog season, so get your team's warmer before the price goes back up.

Scentsy offers Buy One Get One Free offers for the Holidays.

Scentsy is now affering BOGO specials on both our fragrance foams, which are $6.00, and on our Scentsy Buddies, which are $25.00. These great deals can be found on the buy page and are available while supplies last, through the end of the year.

Bring Back My Bar Winners Announced

The votes are in and Scentsy has announced their January 2012 Bring Back My Bar contest winners. The 20 winning bars will be re-released for the month of January only. Here they are: Amaretto, Berries & Bubbly, Bubblegum, Buttermints, Cherry Almond Pie, Cinnamon Cider, Coffee Tree, Cranberry Spice, Eucalyptus, Flower Shop, Mad About Mint, Mysterious, Pretty in Pink, Spiced Grapefruit, Spring Clean, Taj Mahal, Toasted Apple Butter, Toasted Caramel Sugar, Twilight, and Vanilla Walnut.

Scentsy to open in Ireland

Scentsy has just announced that they are moving into Ireland. Scentsy is expecting to take the Emerald Isle by storm beginning in early October. If you or someone you know is in Ireland, contact me to learn more about this incredible opportunity. Watch for more details to come.

Bring Back My Bar is Here

Over 2 million of you voted for your favorite discontinued Scentsy fragrances, and now it's time to order them. For the Month of July only Scentsy is bringing back 20 of their most popular discontinued scents in Scentsy bars. They are available for $5.00 each or they can be purchased as part of a multi-pack to save you money if you're buying in multiples. You can get yours by calling me (Debra) directly at (520)628-0182, or you can order them online through July 31st.

The bars are: bannana nut bread, cashmere, bannana flower, coconut palm, cutiepie cupcake, exotic vanilla/velvet spice, fresh cut cantaloupe, fried ice cream, grape granita, irish cream, lemon lavender, luscious lemon, orange dreamsicle, oxford, red delicious, root beer harvest, spiced orange harvest, strawberry sweetie, tuscan garden, and watermelon patch.

Buy Bring Back My Bars online

Scentsy's New Spring and Summer 2011 Catalog has arrived!

March is finally here, and though you can't count on it to come in like al lion and out like a lamb, you can count on it to bring Scentsy's new Spring and Summer 2011 Catalog.  With 20 new Scentsy Warmers and seventeen new scents, it's filled with inviting enough new Scentsy products to please everyone.  Check out our new catalog here.

March's Scent of the Month; Jumpin' Jelly Beans

One of my favorite new scents is March's Scent of the Month, Jumpin' Jelly Beans.  This delicious scent is bringing happy memories of egg hunts past and anticipation of egg hunts future into my home, and it can in yours too.  And best of all, the Scent of the Month is always 10% off.  You'll want to try it, so click here to get a full description of the new scent and warmer of the month. and scent of the month.  While your here, you'll definitely want to see what the new Scentsy Spring and Summer Catalog has to offer. 

Welcome to our newest Scentsy Consultant


Susan Wilson of Gilbert, Arizona has just joined our Scentsy team as our newest Independent Scentsy Consultant. She is organized, enthusastic, and prepared to have a great launch party and a fabulous holiday season. She is telling all of her friends about the great products offered by Scentsy and is set to be the toast of the town for introducing all of her candle loving friends and family to a better candle. Good luck at your launch party Susan, we are so glad that you've joined Scentsy. You are obviously going to do an incredible job.

My Introduction to Scentsy

July 15, 2010

As my first blog post, I’ve decided to tell you about my own introduction to Scentsy. It all started with a hunt for a good smell in my home. At the time I had two little kids, one of whom was in diapers, and between the man smells, the kid smell, and the baby smells I needed to pay some extra attention to the scent in my home. I tried a number of different things. I started with numerous scented candles including tea lights from the Expensive Candle Company, and some jar candles made by a popular air freshener company. If I stood directly in front of them and leaned forward so that I was inhaling the smoke, then I could definitely smell something. Those were a bust. Then I tried some room sprays. Their good point was that they were cheap, about a dollar each. They also smelled nice, for about two minutes. Two minutes of fresh scent didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for though, so I moved on. Finally I found something I was excited about. Scented oil candles in pretty glass holders. These worked better, and were strong enough to fill the open space in my connected living room and kitchen. I was pretty happy with these until I went to buy the refills. One package cost over three dollars, and had three refills. That meant I was paying over a dollar per refill, which only lasted me about four hours. At that price, on my budget, I figured I could afford a nice smelling house on holidays and birthdays. That was not what I was looking for. Thankfully my sister finally introduced me to Scentsy. I immediately loved that it was strong enough to fill my home, affordable enough to use all the time, and that it was flameless, so I didn’t have to stress about it. Who has time to babysit a candle anyway? Over time I have come to love a lot of things about Scentsy, like that it has so many different scents to choose from, or the way a clean scent can motivate me to clean a dirty house. What do you love about Scentsy?

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