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Scentsy Holiday Warmers

Buy Six Wax Scentsy Bars for the price of five

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The wrap is on sale separately for $12.00 $7.20 wrap.

2012 Scentsy Nativity Warmer Silhouette

Price: $7.20—Wrap only

Buy six Scentsy Bars for the price of five

Christmas Nativity Scentsy Warmer Wrap

Collection: Scentsy Silhouette

The Christmas Nativity Warmer replaces the beautiful full-size Silent Night Scentsy Warmer sold during the last two holiday seasons. The warmer and the wrap for the Christmas Nativity Warmer can be purchased for $40.00, but you can buy additional wraps for Halloween and the holiday season in general for just $12.00 $7.20.

Even though the initial price of the Christmas Nativity Scentsy warmer from the Scentsy Silhouette Collection is a little higher than other warmers, the ability to purchas wraps for the other holidays allows you to save money in the long run.

Warmers like the Christmas Nativity Scentsy Warmer generally sell out quickly, so get yours before the it's too late. Let the Nativity Scentsy Warmer be a part of your holiday decor as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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