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Scentsy Multi-Packs: Scentsy Wickless Candles Sale

Discounted Multi-Pack of Scentsy Scented Bars

Scentsy Bars 6-Pack $25

Save with Scentsy Bar Multi-Pack

Scentsy Bars 3-Pack $14

Scentsy Perfect Plug-Ins Sale

Perfect Plug-Ins $60

Perfect Scentsy Element

Perfect Scentsy Element $68

Perfect Scentsy Discount Multi-Pack

Perfect Scentsy Deluxe $75

Perfect Premium Full-Size Scentsy System

Perfect Scentsy Premium $85

Perfect-Scentsy-Lampshade-SilhouettePerfect Scentsy Silhouette/ Lampshade $95

Perfect Mid-size Scentsy System

Perfect Scentsy Silhouette $95

Scentsy Companion System-Premium
Scentsy Companion System Premium $60
Scentsy Companion System Discount

Scentsy Deluxe Companion System $55

6 Scentsy Freshners for Your Car

Hanging Freshner Multi-Pack $15.00

Discount on Scentsy Travel Tins

Scentsy Travel Tin Pack $22.50

Scentsy Scented Room Spray Discount Pack

Scentsy Room Spray Multi-Pack $40

Scent Sampler Multi-pack

Scent Sampler $20

$25 Scentsy Gift Certificate

$25 Scentsy Gift Certificate

The Scentsy Multi-Packs provide Scentsy products at a discount for those who want to save money. The multi-packs allow you to pick and buy the specific scented bars or Scentsy Candle Warmers that you would like. Most people who are buying a Candle Warmer also need a Scentsy Bar or two, so why not save money on these discounted items? Find the sale that best suits your home or office needs and pick the Scentsy Candle Warmer or Bars that you like most. If you want to introduce your friend or a family member to Scentsy products, you might consider getting them a Scentsy Gift Card for their birthday or some other special occasion. They'll thank you for it.

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University Scentsy Warmers Campus Collection

Some Warmers in the Scentsy
Campus Collection

Alabama Scentsy Warmer
Auburn Scentsy Warmer
Oklahoma Scentsy Warmer
USC Scentsy Warmer
Texas Scentsy Warmer
Oregon Scentsy Warmer
Oregon State Scentsy Warmer
Kansas State Scentsy Warmer
Nebraska Scentsy Warmer
Miami Scentsy Warmer

Patriot Collection

US Air Force Scentsy Warmer
US Army Scentsy Warmer
US Coast Guard Scentsy Warmer
US Marines Scentsy Warmer
US Navy Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Spring/Summer 2013 Catalog

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