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Buy Boise State Scentsy Warmer
Boise State Scentsy Candle Warmer

Price: $55.00

Buy Boise State Scentsy Warmer


Also available, BSU mini warmer

Boise State Scentsy Football Helmet Candle Warmer

University: Boise State University (BSU)
City: Boise, Idaho
Mascot: Buster Bronco or Broncos
Conference Affiliation: Mountain West (MWC), Collection: Scentsy Campus Collection

As one of the most successful football programs in the last decade, Boise State has garnered a lot of attention. Scentsy, headquartered in nearby Meridian, introduced the Boise State Scentsy Warmer as one of the very first warmers in the Scentsy Campus Collection.

The Boise State Scentsy Football Helmet Warmer features the university's colors of orange and blue. The BSU helmet features the iconic bronco in blue, a color that is oft discussed by sports commentators during home football games because of the dreaded "smurf turf." It also features a white bronco on the side and a grey face mask. The Bronco's helmet opens up on the top to reveal a wax dish to hold your favorite Scentsy fragrance.

In Idaho where Scentsy and Boise State Football are a staple (along with potatoes), you'll have no problem learning how to use your Boise State Scentsy Candle Warmer; however, for those fans and alumni living outside of the state of Idaho, just pick one of 80 scentsy scents, put a square or two in your BSU Scentsy Warmer, and switch it to the on position. The low-wattage light will turn on and heat the scented wax to emit your selected fragrance into the air.

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