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Pick your Mizzou warmer color

University of Missouri Scentsy Warmer

University: University of Missouri (Mizzou)
City: Columbia, Missouri
Mascot: Truman the Tiger, or Tigers
Conference Affiliation: Southeastern Conference (SEC)
Collection: Scentsy Campus Collection

The University of Missouri Scentsy Warmer uses a frame in orange, black, and white, adorned with a large M with the Missouri Tiger in the middle, and in orange lettering underneath, the name Missouri. The University of Missouri frame comes with your choice of 7 warmer colors and styles.

The Missouri Scentsy Warmer is ideal to show your school spirit in your office, but be prepared, your co-workers might decide to get the warmer of a competing university from the Scentsy Campus Collection!

Get your University of Missouri Scentsy Warmer today and part of the proceeds from the sale will go to benefit the University of Missouri.

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