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Buy Oklahoma State warmer
Oklahoma State Cowboys Scentsy Candle Warmer

Price: $25.00

Buy Oklahoma State warmer

Oklahoma State Scentsy Warmer

University: Oklahoma State University (OSU)
City: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Mascot: Pistol Pete, Cowboys, or Pokes
Conference Affiliation: Big-12
Collection: Scentsy Campus Collection

Located near Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Oklahoma is host to a university with a proud history. The Oklahoma State Scentsy Candle Warmer recognizes that impressive history, which includes numerous national championships in several sports, particularly wrestling.

The Oklahoma State Scentsy Candle Warmer frame is white with the letters OSU on the front of the warmer. The OSU letters have a black outline, and orange and black stripes run around the Oklahoma State Scentsy Frame. The OSU warmer has an orange background.

If you need help deciding what kind of Scentsy wax to get with your Oklahoma State University (OSU) Scentsy Candle Warmer, you can see some of the different options that you have that might save you some money.

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