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Scentsy Patriot Collection-Military Warmers

US Air Force Scentsy Warmer


This warmer has been discontinued and can not be ordered. Please consider Service and Sacrifice.

Service and Sacrifice Warmer

US Air Force Scentsy Warmer

University: United States Air Force Academy
City: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mascot: Falcon or Falcons
Conference Affiliation: Mountain West
Collection: Patriot Collection

The US Air Force Scentsy Warmer makes a perfect gift for a friend or family member who has just joined the United States Air Force. For those who would like to purchase the US Air Force Scentsy Warmer for themselves, the warmer is a great way to honor the patriotic actions of thousands of cadets over the years.

Scentsy will give part of the proceeds from the sale of the US Air Force Scentsy Warmer to assist the US Military and its numerous programs.

Like other Scentsy Warmers, the US Air Force Warmer can also serve as a night-light for your children when your husband or wife is away.

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