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United States Army Scentsy Warmer


This warmer has been discontinued and can not be ordered. Please consider Service and Sacrifice.

Service and Sacrifice Warmer

US Army Scentsy Warmer

University: United States Military Academy at Westpoint
City: Westpoint, New York
Mascot: Mule, Black Knights
Conference Affiliation: Independent
Collection: Patriot Collection

The US Army Scentsy Warmer honors the men and women who have served in the United States Army and is an ideal gift for those with loved ones serving their country.

The US Army warmer comes with one U.S. Army logo frame and your choice of 6 different warmer styles. When your US Army warmer is lit, the light will glow through the frame for a stained glass look.

Get the US Army Scentsy Warmer for yourself, or better yet, show your appreciation to those serving in this branch of the military by getting it as a gift for the families of these servicemen and women.

Don't forget Scentsy Bars for your United States Army Scentsy Warmer or even Travel Tins that military personel can carry with them.

Enjoy watching something like This Is the Army while enjoying the fresh scents coming from your US Army Scentsy Warmer.

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