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Save money on your signature scent or fragrance

Best option for an inexpensive signature scent Buy Scents Bars
Do you have a signature scent that you use for your home or office–a specific Scentsy scent that you really like? Would you like to save money on that signature fragrance? If so, the best option is the Scentsy Brick. For just $20, the Scentsy Brick is like buying five Scentsy Bars for the price of four. At 16 ounces, Scentsy Bricks are a bargain for homes or businesses that have narrowed in on a signature scent. My husband's favorite signature fragrance is Vanilla Walnut, what's yours?
Scentsy Brick $20.00

Scentsy Brick-Signature Fragrance

Buy Scents Bars Scentsy 6-bars multi-pack
6-pack $25.00
Scentsy Bars 6-pack multi-pack
This may not be the best option for a signature scent, but it gives you a lot of variety. With this multi-pack, you get a free bar when you buy five Scentsy Bars. For a total of 480 hours of great Scentsy scents, this is second only to Scenty Bricks in terms of price per ounce. If individuals in your family or office want a signature fragrance, get a different scent for each room, making each individual bar last longer since you won't need to use as much per room. That way every one will have the Scentsy scent of their choice.

Scentsy 3-bars multi-pack Buy Scents Bars-3-pack
With this multi-pack, you save a dollar when you purchase three Scentsy bars in this multi-pack. As with the previous Scentsy multi-pack, this one may not be the best option if you have a specific signature fragrance, but it is ideal if you want some variety. Since each bar lasts approximately 80 hours, you might want to switch scents before you have used up a bar. If so, just pour the melted wax back into the plastic mold, wipe the Scentsy candle warmer out with a paper towel, and put a cube or two from one of your other two Scentsy bars.
3-pack $14.00
Scentsy Bars-3-pack

Buy Scents Bars Scentsy bars
Scentsy Bars $5.00
Scentsy bars are great for those who live in a small home or dormitory or even those who have a small office. They can enjoy their Scentsy signature scent for up to eighty hours when the Scentsy warmer is turned on, longer for small bathrooms or in instances when people just want a touch of the fragrance, which would simply require them to put less Scentsy scented wax into their warmer. At just $5 each, individual Scentsy bars are still competitive in price with traditional scented candles.

If you've got a Scentsy signature scent, keep these factors in mind to help you save money. However, if you don't have a signature scent, you can still save money by getting the multi-pack, bar, or brick that best meets your need. If you have a signature scent, but you're not sure if Scentsy will have it, just know that Scentsy offers more than 80 scents, so we probably do have your signature scent.

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