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Únete a Scentsy—Empieza tu propio negocio con Scentsy

El primer paso para unirte a Scentsy y llegar a ser un Consultor Scentsy es comprar el kit de comienzo $99. El kit incluye todas las cosas que necesitarás para empezar tu negocio Scentsy. El kit de comienzo incluye los siguientes productos:

Preguntas frequentes

Colección o Muestra de Fragancias

  • 2010 Primavera/Verano (10)
  • Bakery–Panadería (10)
  • Favoritas (20)
  • Romance (10)
  • Scentsy Café–Café Scentsy (5)
  • Scentsy Man–Hombre Scentsy (5)
  • Spa (10)
  • Tropical (10)

Demonstration Products

  • Hanging Freshener–Desodorante Colgante
  • Bombillas (4)
  • Room Spray–Spray de Ambiente
  • Scentsy Bar–Barra Scentsy
  • Scentsy Warmer–Calentador Scentsy

Business Supplies

  • 2010 Primavera/Verano Catálogos (50)
  • Scentsy Yearly Planner–Horario/Calendario
  • Party DVD
  • Recruiting Training DVD
  • Buy Brochures–Información sobre los productos (5)
  • Host Brochures–Información para personas interesadas en ser anfitrión de una reunión (5)
  • Join Brochures–Folletos para unirte a Scentsy (5)
  • Business Cards–Tarjetas de presentación (100)—Plus instruction label
  • Hostess Packet—Guest List, Hostess Rewards, Hostess Envelope–Información necesario para anfitriones (5 each)
  • Invitations (100)
  • New Consultant Start-Up Guide–Guía para nuevos consultores
  • Order Forms–Formularios de pedidos (100)
  • Scentsy Binder–Carpeta Scentsy
  • Welcome Sheet–Hoja de bienvenida

Scentsy’s Focus is in Offering Simplicity, Authenticity, and Value.

Simplicity is found in Scentsy’s products and in their business plan.

  • The products are simple and easy to understand, use, and love, which also makes them easy to sell.
  • In the Scentsy business model, simplicity means that you are not required to carry an inventory.
  • As a Scentsy Consultant you are also not required to buy the products at a discount and resell them at full price, everyone pays the same price for Scentsy products weather they order them from you personally or directly from your website, and you receive a paycheck from Scentsy each month.

The people at Scentsy value Authenticity.

Authenticity at Scentsy means that we strive to provide the world with quality products, quality service and support for you and your customers, quality income, and quality fun. 

Value shows in the development of Scentsy’s direct sales program.

  • Their products are not only great quality but they are sold at very competitive prices, so you can know that when your customers buy authentic Scentsy products, they are getting a great deal.
  • Scentsy also offers free shipping on all qualified party orders, so you can rest assured that your customers will not feel that they are being nickel and dimed.
  • Scentsy offers free credit card processing to make ordering simple for you and your customers.
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