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Debra King, Independent Scentsy ConsultantAs my first blog post, I’ve decided to tell you about my own introduction to Scentsy. It all started with a hunt for a good smell in my home. At the time I had two little kids, one of whom was in diapers, and between the man smells, the kid smell, and the baby smells, I needed to pay some extra attention to the scent in my home.

I tried a number of different things. I started with numerous scented candles including tea lights from the Expensive Candle Company, and some jar candles made by a popular air freshener company. If I stood directly in front of them and leaned forward so that I was inhaling the smoke, then I could definitely smell something. Those were a bust.

Then I tried some room sprays. Their good point was that they were cheap, about a dollar each. They also smelled nice, for about two minutes. Two minutes of fresh scent didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for though, so I moved on.

Finally, I found something I was excited about. Scented oil candles in pretty glass holders. These worked better, and were strong enough to fill the open space in my connected living room and kitchen. I was pretty happy with these until I went to buy the refills. One package cost over three dollars, and had three refills. That meant I was paying over a dollar per refill, which only lasted me about four hours. At that price, on my budget, I figured I could afford a nice smelling house on holidays and birthdays. That was not what I was looking for.

Thankfully, my sister finally introduced me to Scentsy. I immediately loved that it was strong enough to fill my home, affordable enough to use all the time, and that it was flameless, so I didn’t have to stress about it. Who has time to babysit a candle anyway? Over time I have come to love a lot of things about Scentsy, like that it has so many different scents to choose from, or the way a clean scent can motivate me to clean a dirty house. What do you love about Scentsy?