Scentsy 6-pack of Bars


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The Scentsy six-pack of bars allows you to choose six scented Scentsy wax bars for the price of five. When you go to purchase the bars online, you will choose the individual bars that you would like to add to the six pack. You will then want to “save multi-pack and add to cart.”

This discount allows you to choose 6 bars of different scents so that you can change the scent based on the season or simply your preferences at a given time.

If your Scentsy bar is still giving out a fragrance but you would like to try a different scent, all you have to do is warm the wax in your Scentsy Warmer and then remove the top plate and pour the wax back into the packaging of the Scentsy Bar. Wipe the top plate out with a paper towel and put a square or two from a different Scentsy bar into your warmer.

These six Scentsy bars will last up to 480 hours–possibly longer if you choose bars with strong scents. Compare these “wickless candles” with traditional candles and you will find that for the cost, Scentsy bars last longer for a more affordable price and without the fire and health hazards.