Scentsy Travel Tins




Scentsy travel tins are durable, compact travel candles designed to fit in your purse, car, or luggage. Although they are not literally candles, they carry the same scents for your travel that scented candles would, plus you can use them in your hotel room, or anywhere for that matter.

If you’re tired of smelling your spouse’s smelly gym bag throw in one of these portable travel candles to neutralize the smell.

Choose from fifteen travel scents from the Scentsy collection–just open the travel tin a little to let out a small amount of the travel scents or a lot to let out more. Even if these small travel candles are closed completely, they will still emit some of their fragrance.

Take your travel candles on your vacation, to work, to the gym, or wherever you go and enjoy the portable scent that you can take anywhere.

If you need something more portable than Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars, try these travel candles, better known as travel tins, and enjoy the travel scents of your choice wherever you go.