University of Tennessee Scentsy Football Helmet Warmer



University: University of Tennessee
City: Knoxville, Tennessee
Mascot: Smokey IX or Volunteers
Conference Affiliation: Southeastern (SEC)
Collection: Scentsy Campus Collection

The Tennessee Scentsy Football Helmet Warmer lets you celebrate Tennessee’s football tradition. The white Tennessee Volunteers helmet features the orange T on the side and the iconic orange stripe down the middle. The top comes off this helmet to reveal it’s wax dish and allow you to fill this Tennessee Volunteers helmet with your favorite Scentsy scents.

Fans and alumni of the University of Tennessee can now get the Tennessee Scentsy Warmer. This warmer makes a great addition to your home and can be used with any of more than 80 Scentsy scents.

The University of Tennessee Scentsy Warmer stands out since it uses the university’s colors of white and orange for the warmer.