US Navy Scentsy Warmer



University: United States Naval Academy
City: Annapolis Maryland
Mascot: Bill the Goat, Midshipmen
Conference Affiliation: Independent & Patriot League
Collection: Patriot Collection

The US Navy Scentsy Warmer is part of the Patriot Collection representing those who have served or are serving their country in the US Navy. It also honors the midshipmen who attend the US Naval Academy.

The US Navy Scentsy Warmer makes a great gift for those joining the United States Navy, as well as their mothers, fathers, and other family members for their patriotic service to their country.

Say thanks to those serving in the military by getting them or their family a US Navy Scentsy Warmer. While enjoying the fragrances from the United States Navy Scentsy Warmer, they can proudly display it for the selfless act of their family member in the Armed Forces.

Part of the proceeds from the US Navy Scentsy Warmer benefit the United States Military and its programs.

Recommended movies to watch while you enjoy the fragrances from your US Navy Scentsy Warmer: Anchors Aweigh and The Fighting Sullivans.